Omg, your crumpets are delicious! I bought them at the market yesterday. Thank you so much for baking deliciousness!
Message from R.O. A customer at The Farmers Market
 I just had to say the Paddington Bun was divine…a little bit of international heaven!  The flavors blended perfectly!   I wish I was not on a diet ….I would have bought more than 1!
Emailed by S.F. Realtor in Champaign-Urbana
These are the most realistic European style Scones I have tasted here in USA
A German Customer at Common Ground Food Coop
Told to us by N.T. Front Of House Manager
I bought all my chocolates from a local company for 30 years!
Now I'm buying all my Chocolates from The Scotsman's Kitchen.
 His Coconut Munro's and Blarney Stones are to die for.

J. Y. Retired Nurse

I hope you have another box of Your Mint Blarney Stones?
I couldn't even get to my car wthout eating them!!

T. H.. Bank Worker

I need Four Bags of Your Green Onion & Sharp Cheddar Scones!
I'm going to New Orleans, by train on Monday and need something to eat on the way there.
(We later found out he'd eaten all four before he'd left Illinois!)

L.B. Artist (A Good Friend we sadly Lost! R.I.P.)

Your Rum Chocolates are fantastic but those new Coffee one's (Touche's Tux) are Outstanding

Capt. D.P.   B.R.M.S.

I just had to come back to buy a package of your Bacon & Cheddar Scones! The taste from the sample I tried lingered in my mouth, It was so good

Told to us by L.B. Customer at Urbana's Farmer's Market

I hope you have more of those Victoria Sponge Cakes & Slices?,
I want all you have please! I just drove back to get them, they were so delicious. 
I was almost home and turned round to come back!!

Customer at Urbana's Farmer's Market

Your Couronne is a work of art!
Exquisite and delicious.
We'll keep it in mind as a gift for others in the future.

U.S. Professor at Parkland College, Champaign. IL